Smoker Demonstration was made for UF Online ENY 2041C Practical Beekeeping. 

Short sketch produced for the new Chemistry Building groundbreaking with President Fuchs. 

Poetry reading by Andy Mel + Etienne Trac at the Binary Death 20XX art show and poetry reading.

Man on the street style video on globalization for SYD 3300 Sociology of Globalization for UF Online.

BINARY DEATH 20XX was a multimedia art show featuring & organized by trans artists on 3/25/17. Artwork made by trans people is often undervalued, overlooked and co-opted by other groups, so this event was created as a platform for us to showcase and sell our art on our own terms.

Shorts & Sketches

Event & Promotional Video

Roe v. Wade 44th Anniversary Benefit Concert (Jan. 2017)

March for Women Gainesville Solidarity March (Jan. 2017)

Additional camera work for event coverage

Mini-doc on a local coffee shop in Gainesville, Florida

Some promotional video from my internship at Foglight Entertainment in 2014.